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About Utah Pokémon

The Pokémon Company International (TPCi) is a global company that engages people of all ages with a variety of gaming products and media. Primary among them are the Trading Card Game (TCG) and the Video Game.

Local representatives for TPCi include League Leaders (LL), Tournament Organizers (TO), and a Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO). The functions of each of these positions are intended to provide specific experiences and opportunities for those who play either version of the Pokémon game. It is through this support structure that TPCi has established itself as a competitive organization in the field of gaming.

Utah is home to one of the strongest and most experienced gaming staff in the nation under the direction of Andrea Sargent. Since 2004 Andrea has served as the PTO for Utah - the highest level representative for TPCi at a state level. Her position allows her to be in continuous, direct contact with TPCi and coordinate all activities and staff within the state of Utah. In addition to her responsibilities as PTO, Andrea is also one of the top judges in the world and has earned the prestigious position and title of World Championship Head Judge.

The staff that Andrea leads is diverse and capable, both for the Pokémon TCG & Video Game. The level of experience we have to offer is represented by many of our staff being qualified and regularly requested to serve as judges and staff at both the national and world championship levels. Beyond our judges we have a large staff that is in various levels of training and responsibility that help run our local events as high as the regional championship level, spanning all the west coast states. Utah also currently runs over 15 free Pokémon league locations across the Wasatch Front throughout each week of the year, one of the highest amounts per state in the nation.

In addition to Utah's staffing qualifications, we also maintain our own support structure and event materials; computers, tournament software, judging uniforms, etc. We are fully self-sufficient and require little extra resources beyond event space to handle any number or variety of events. Beyond our own internal events we also currently have clients who request us for conventions and in-store promotions for large retailers.

Each of our event staff are involved on a volunteer basis, committing their time and resources out of the love of the game and a desire to see it continue to grow strong. We are proud of our team, and carry a shared goal - to bring fun and excitement for the whole family to enjoy at every event we run.